About Us

Family Inspired by Fashion

Aversa’s roots began in Joliet, Illinois in the 1970s, when Founder Terry Aversa began selling jewelry and accessories from his then hair salon. It evolved into TJ’s, a casual, fun boutique offering jeans and t-shirts. Eventually, TJ’s grew into what would become Aversa-an upscale boutique offering the world’s elite designer labels.

A family business, Aversa’s foundation comes from a close-knit Italian family. Terry & Sara Aversa, along with their seven children, worked in the family business. Retail was a part of their family culture and upbringing. Today, David, along with his brother John, and his wife Patti, run Aversa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

After 35 years and 300 plus combined years in the fashion industry, Aversa is one of Milwaukee’s longest-lasting upscale clothiers. Terry’s vision lives on with his children’s impeccable service and handpicked selections that deliver quality to the fashion-conscious women.